There are three speeds of vibration, but only one button

It was awesome. Amazing. Lyrical and beautiful and, in places, so annoying and didactic and over over OVER written that I wanted to throw it across the room, but in others (like simple descriptions of rain or ghosts or the bit about the fist fighting angels in the dream world above the Boroughs and the […]

“But I also thought from talking to people in the community

Underwood changed up his defense to more of a Pack Line look and Oklahoma State ended up in the NCAA tournament. As far as Te’Jon Lucas and Trent Frazier go, however, I think they can be effective defenders even against bigger guards. Their lateral quickness can help. Parsons has been a big part of that […]

You could choose to work with a area with a posh motel and

It was around the 18th century when masturbation came to be linked with mental and physical deformities. The prevailing view of the era’s cognoscenti gave way to a flurry of pooh poohing dildo, from blindness, to insanity, epilepsy, and mental retardation. And somewhere, the progenitor of C. Shocking, I know. Some might even say fantastical. […]

“From 1990, I was always running in and out of our office just

He’s like, ‘what number did you get?’ I said, ‘They gave me 95, I’m hella sad.’ He’s like, ‘Cool cheap Jerseys, man, that’s sweet!’ Because I guess back in the day, 95 was a good number. It’s a universal number you can see 95 on race cars. He was talking about Starter jerseys. He said […]

Thomas Kean, who chaired the 9/11 Commission

The California case is obviously of interest to us. Internally we’ve started to look at the relations between our board of attorneys and what our role is as a Players Association. We’ve always been a conduit. The drink is quite easily digestible wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys, and can be taken by children as well. It […]

A perfect example is the recent issue involving the high gas

The Crusades lacked play by play commentators, so perhaps Nike didn realize the silvery numbers would be hard to read in Ye Olde Football Stadium. Or that players in the all red uniforms would look, in the words of one Twitter wag , like they just massacred Strawberry Shortcake. David Niven, a Rutgers graduate and […]