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When this package arrived, we were so excited to give it a try! We were new to cock rings and the toys that my partner and I had previously used together were more for my benefit than mutual stimulation. Prior to giving this one a try, we prepared ourselves by reading reviews for several different […]

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Much of it does have to do with how capitalist firms expend resources to compete against each other in ways that don make the good or service they deliver more efficient or qualitatively better. Other institutions like law, medicine, and education have found themselves in a particularly powerful position and used it to expand the […]

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But societies that use social security type benefits require there to be MORE young people than old people (the ratio of young to old is really important), otherwise the social security safety net would not have enough money to fund all the older retirees. In your example, having young people at all matters. But in […]

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Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat retiring after nearly half a century in public life, has been at the forefront of the fight, particularly on climate change. No one in the crowded field of candidates seeking to replace him enjoys Mr. So on July 7th I got my period that lasted until July 11. On July […]

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It just fuel for politics, but there no real doubt that Trump has some impact on it. The tariffs aren well received by the markets. Tweeting about Amazon is recklessly knocking points off of one of the nation biggest stocks. Oh wow. Gonna give the comics I go, I forget which one I enjoyed alright, […]

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That vibrators, however vibrators vibrators, is not to say we can’t get accustomed to given kinds of stimulation or ways of seeking pleasure or getting off. We can. Just like anything that kind of becomes a habit, it can make it a little tougher to mix things up when we’re simply used to one way. […]