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I don’t want to sound all negative. The couples did a really good job of doing what they do. The filming was great. But it allows the previously mentioned toxic mindset to live within the mainstream. People who have racist tendencies can use phrases like these and then provide the defense that they just proud […]

“Now what I’d like to know is who lives longer

I have watched a dozen of decapitation videos, but this one was the most gruesome for me also. Usually drug traffickers are decapitating other drug traffickers, who cares, or jihadis decapitating other jihadis dildo, or soldiers. But this one seemed so out of place, i couldn even watch it all, after i hear her scream […]

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healthiest habittat and highest expression of love Palfrey, who had been a machinist until 1984, was the only one present with sufficient self respect to point out Hap’s most obvious damfool statements. Now, rolling another of his shitty smelling cigarettes, he said: “That wouldn’t get us nowhere. If they do that, it’ll be just like […]

The wrist cuff is secured onto the thigh cuff by a swiveling

My segregation experience wasn’t like my mother’s: She attended all black schools with outdated textbooks handed down from white schools, sat in movie theaters’ colored only balcony sections, played in colored only parks. My experience was subtler. I went to school with whites, sat next to them in movie theaters, played in the same parks. […]

The vibe is made of premium silicone and emits 10 different

Trump, Bolsonaro, Widodo, and Modi can all be argued to be cultural conservatives, as is Xi Jinping and most European populist leaders. Thus, it would be accurate to describe institutional populism as a right wing movement sex toys, which helps explain why Western popular media in particular is so cynical towards it, journalists being traditionally […]

He and Mary traveled to many wonderful places over the years

“When I first started (in track), it was a normal thing to get fourth or fifth, but now I’m running in the fastest heats and getting first sometimes,” Grimsley said. “So I can say track has helped me out a lot and even for football. I’m sure it’s going to do something for me in […]