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If you watch the episode you can see how it sightly off and the cannon continues on that path. I understand that accidents happen and I don know how much they work to try and get these episodes made and if they were overworked. It just made me sad that safety protocol is great at […]

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Over the next few weeks, grief took over. I couldn move much because I was still in pain from the operation. The operation had gone well or, at least, as well as it could have and I was signed off work for a month to recover. Actual support. Workmate had a problem with his iPhone […]

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Though the tip of the dildo is very soft and pliable, the inside of the toy is stiff and inflexible, making for some maneuvering issues. I found that some positions worked better than others for my partner and I. The toy seemed to work really well from behind or when the wearer was lying on […]

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“It was weird. It was anti climactic. I wanted to go out there and dominate. Certificates: Patrick R. Brownell, Jacob P. Janssens, Richard A. The average age of participants at the time of testing was 33 years (range, 20 to 47 years; SD, 7 years). There were no significant differences in age at time of […]

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Harry How/Getty Images Tiger Woods married Elin Nordegren in a simple yet expensive ceremony on Oct. 5 cheap bikinis, 2004, that reportedly cost up to $2 million. The couple rented out the whole Sandy Golf Resort complex in Barbados for a week for the nuptials bikini swimsuit, including 100 rooms and three golf courses, and […]

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Then the Salahis have a meeting with Virginia state Del. Dave Albo (R Fairfax). The topic seems to be county regulations that restrict events at wineries (a real issue: there had been complaints about parking, noise, etc., when the wineries host weddings and other parties, which led to a wave of strict local ordinances limiting […]